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Del of Hieroglyphics reckoning force

Mixes humour, hip hop



Del the Funky Homosapien of Hieroglyphics is bringing Bukue One and Zac Hendrix for hip-hop haven Saturday, June 24 at Garfinkel’s.

Del, the alias of Teren Delvon Jones, first got his start with his cousin Ice Cube and his backing band, Da Lench Mob. However, instead of the violent bone-crunching word play Ice Cube was famous for, Del sought out a different kind of bone, a funny one.

Del departed from the Parliament Funkadelic classics found in Del’s debut release I Wish My Brother George Was Here, produced by Cube on the Elektra/Asylum label. He also stepped away from his cousin, resulting in a second album more reflective of his style, No Need For Alarm. The move also resulted in the founding of Del’s own crew, Hieroglyphics. Del’s highly-touted crew consists of members of Souls of Mischief, Casual, and Pep Love & JBiz (now The Prose).

Third Eye Vision was the first full-length album for Hieroglyphics with Del later coming out with Both Sides of the Brain and Deltron 3030 — a collective effort by Del, Dan "The Automator" and Kid Koala.

Del then collaborated with Gorillaz, resulting in hit singles Rock the House and Clint Eastwood — the artist notes the platinum song was the result of reading the book How to Write a Hit Song.

Full Circle is Hieroglyphics newest release. Together with his crew, Del founded his own independent record label: Hieroglyphics Imperium.

Advance $20 tickets available at Electric Daisy and The Circle. Doors 9 p.m. The show starts early at 10:30 p.m. sharp.