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Defective Films’ debut kicks off new shred-flick season

A new season of winter shred-flicks is upon us as of tonight with a screening of Promo Copy – the first snowboard film for long-time local auteur Sean Johnson’s new outfit Defective Films.


What: Defective Films’ Promo Copy

Where: MY (Millennium) Place

When: Friday, Sept. 3 (tonight)

Tickets: $8

It’s beginning...

In the words of Italian Web site Snobord.it, that’s "la prima produzione della nuova film company DEFECTIVE FILMS, creatura si Sean Johnson."

The Italians know as well as you or I that this is the man behind the notorious booze-fuelled Whiskey films all snowboarders watched on repeat during the roaring ’90s.

Understandably, expectations are high, but it looks like the film will deliver. Promo Copy’s talent roster in front of the camera includes Whistler locals Alex Auchu, Mikey Rencz and Simon Chamberlain, along with a bunch of Finns and Americans churning out steep lines, big hits and lots of blood and wreckage.

Promo Copy screens at 7 p.m. tonight in the theatre at MY Place.

For more information call 604-935-8410.