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Death Race Challenge lives up to its billing

Don Schwarz survives three-day Vermont Challenge



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Schwarz said the Death Race Challenge is impossible to describe. The only analogy he could come up with would be to hike the Grouse Grind up and down 15 times in two days with 80 pounds on your back - although that doesn't come close either because of the whole mental aspect.

While he doesn't imagine himself doing the race again, Schwarz said he would be there next year to support his own crew - snowboard coach Christian Hrab - who will be doing the event.

"It was something I was really excited about doing, I trained for the better part of five months to get ready for this - everybody in my neighbourhood of Alta Vista knows me as the weird guy who runs around with 32-kilogram weights in the rain all night long," said Schwarz. "But I don't feel the need to do it again next year."

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