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Day Lot parking passes now available

Permits available for purchase at Municipal Hall



As of Nov. 1 new parking fees will be in place at the Whistler Village Day Parking Lots.

Long-term parking passes for Lot 4 and Lot 5 can now be purchased at Municipal Hall during regular business hours. Monthly, three-month and six-month passes are also available for purchase at the hall. As of Nov. 1 purchases of passes can also be made at the machines located in the parking lots.

The cost for a monthly pass is $50 while a three-month pass rings in at $120 and a six-month permit will cost $180.

One other long term parking option is offered and it is called a Gold Permit, which gives drivers access to the parking in Day Lots 2 through 5, on Main Street and at the Conference Centre. The cost of a monthly Gold Permit is $120. Annual Gold Permits are selling for $1,320. There are no three-month and six-month Gold Permits purchase options.

The permits are being issued to a vehicle based on the license plate number and the permits can be transferred once. The municipal website indicates the single transfer is in place for pass holders who purchase a new vehicle.

The parking passes are non-refundable once they are purchased.

The purchase of a pass doesn't guarantee a parking space but information on the website indicates the Day Lots reach capacity only five to seven days a year.

According to the municipal website: "Lot attendants will work with pass holders to find alternative parking (as available) at no cost to pass holders."

Anyone looking for dedicated underground parking can purchase a space from the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

The parking lot operators aren't collecting personal information so when the passes expire the pass holder won't be contacted with a renewal reminder.

Passes can be purchased from municipal hall between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The hourly parking rate in all the Day Lots as of Nov. 1 will be $2. The cost to park in the lots all day will be $8. The evening rate will be $4 and overnight parking in the summer months will be $16. For $65 vehicle owners can purchase a ten times package.

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