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Darfur the focus of Power of You’s energy

Mystic arts gathering at MY Place next weekend



What: The Power Of You

Where: MY Millennium Place

When: Sept. 9-10

Tickets: $19.95

There were several events in Whistler last January organized in response to the devastating Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day.

Most had a financial aid focus – imploring participants to open their wallets to help those in need.

One event, however, also encouraged participants to open their minds, sending their healing psychic energy along with their financial aid to the Tsunami afflicted, and gaining a heightened awareness of their own place in the global community in the process.

The Power Of You presented a fusion of culture and spirituality, organized by a team captained by mystic arts practitioner and advocate Kelly Oswald, owner and proprietor of The Oracle shop at Nesters and the West Coast Institute of Mystic Arts in North Vancouver, and Christian Kessner, a Whistler-based can-do man who would go on to form the Higher Ground Entertainment event planning company with partner Jessica Salvador in March, 2005.

The event took place in the theatre at Millennium Place and featured an eclectic lineup of guest speakers, photography, First Nations drumming, dance and healing arts such as Tibetan Singing Bowls and guided meditation. In addition to the main event, the Power Of You featured a silent auction, raffle, psychic readings and massage with an intermission performance by Whistler reggae players Kostaman.

According to Oswald, the evening raised approximately $7,000 from ticket sales and additional donations, which was forwarded to UNICEF for relief in Southeast Asia.

Oswald and Higher Ground have come together again to stage the second Power Of You event at Millennium Place next weekend. This time, it’s the people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan who will be the recipients of the event’s financial donations, compassionate spirituality and healing energies.

Oswald and Higher Ground have expanded the upcoming Power Of You into a two-day event featuring a Celebration gala evening on Friday, Sept. 9 and a series of workshops on Saturday, Sept. 10.

The Power Of You Celebration will feature guest speakers offering what Oswald deems "wise words on relationships, laughter, (and) life purpose," live music and an African drumming performance. The event is also bringing back the Tibetan Singing Bowls – a collection of metal bowls in a variety of sizes that produce resonances when struck and are said to have healing effects – and another session of guided meditation involving the entire theatre. In addition there will be hors d’oeuvres and the return of Kostaman for another world beat/reggae set at intermission.