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Dancing OK at Nicklaus North weddings



Future weddings at the Nicklaus North golf club will likely involve dancing.

On Tuesday, councillors gave their blessing to letting people boogie at the clubhouse until 11 p.m. Now, all that is left before the license is finalized is the provincial government's approval.

Council's almost unanimous vote came after an acoustic engineering report that the Nicklaus North management team commissioned almost 18 months ago.

But councillors are also asking the provincial government to attach five conditions to the liquor licence. These include making sure the golf club managers close all doors and windows by 11 p.m. and post signage in the clubhouse reminding weddings guests that residents live upstairs.

Mayor Ken Melamed was the only member of council who did not support the application. He said that if other councillors had agreed to support a motion put forward by Councillor Tom Thomson to install decibel readers throughout the building, he would have supported the main motion.

"We could have taken that one extra small step to protect the interests of the residents who have felt like they haven't been listened to," said the mayor.

"There is no question they have been victimized over the years. The new operator has set the terms of a new relationship with the residents, and it is my hope and desire that with this new agreement it will carry on into the future. But there is always a risk that we will revert to the old scenerio."

The liquor license application has stirred up controversy within the community.

Residents of the 18 units above the golf club have let councillors know that the noise coming from the clubhouse - especially during weddings - is unbearable during the summer months.

On the other side of the issue, the golf course's management team says weddings will help bolster revenue and put heads in beds throughout the entire resort municipality.  

The acoustic engineering report is available to the public in the July 7 council package.