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Dancing at the decks

Stafford Brothers bring high-energy electro from the Gold Coast to Whistler



Who: The Stafford Brothers

When: Thursday, Aug. 14, 10 p.m.

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Tickets: $10

Matt and Chris Stafford just arrived in Whistler on Sunday evening, but by Tuesday afternoon, they’d already been mountain biking, wakeboarding and were on their way to go bungee jumping.

“We do work very hard. I mean, obviously I’m just about to go bungee jumping and waterskiing,” Matt Stafford trailed off with a laugh.

Between headlining festivals, playing club shows, producing, recording, and working on their own clothing line (yes, they also have their own clothing line), it’s amazing that these energetic siblings find time to sleep.

“I got eight hours of sleep last night and I think that’s the longest sleep I’ve had in weeks,” Stafford said. “I could have done with a couple more hours, to be honest.”

The original game plan wasn’t to pursue DJing as a career — in fact, Matt was playing rugby professionally and planned on becoming a professional footballer. But one of their favourite clubs ended up needing a DJ at the last minute, and the brothers were simply in the right place at the right time.

“We just pretty much told a story to get our first gig,” Matt said rather matter-of-factly. “…We used to play a lot of musical instruments and that, but we were always into dance music once it was sort of growing and we went to a few big events.”

They ended up winging it, filling the room with their friends, and the rest is history. They certainly never imagined their little white lie would turn into a career that would see them touring the world.

“There’s only a couple of guys that are touring the world from Australia DJing, and we’re just blessed to be in that group,” Stafford said.

The idea of working and traveling with a sibling, day in and day out, may be a nightmare for many, but not these brothers.

“It’s weird. Its good we’ve got separate rooms, but it’s all good, there’s no drama whatsoever,” he said.

The rest of the family is also pretty supportive of their musical endeavours.

“They just think it’s great, especially when they come to gigs. Mom and dad have come to shows and there are thousands of people screaming, and mom’s so proud and dad just likes all the riders,” Stafford said with a chuckle.

Their music may be mainly electro house, but there’s a good deal of experimental dance music thrown in, plus some of their own instrumental work, to keep things interesting. Expect to hear some minimal, techy sounds, too.