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Dance to be featured at MY Place grand opening


Dance rehearsals are underway for the June 24 grand opening of Maurice Young Millenium Place.

The showcase will be the first time that the resort’s many dance-related groups will come together under one roof. Scheduled to perform are the Community Musical Theatre Group as well as ensembles from the Whistler Skating and Gymnastics clubs. Whistler Dance Society Director, Trina Eby, is also choreographing several pieces for local professional and semi-professional dancers.

"It’s mostly children or young groups. All different styles of dancing. Lots of entertainment type dancing. It’s a fun gala," says Eby.

It seems appropriate that the local gymnastic and skating clubs should be involved, as these athletes will largely fill the dance classes now being offered at MY Place.

"Everyone says it’s good timing," continues Eby. "Some of these groups are starting to enjoy dance as much as their sport or they want to go into dance as they grow out of their sport."

Shaun Rathwell will be part of Eby’s ensemble, performing some not-so-traditional breakdancing alongside some classically trained dancers.

"It’s the first time we’ve had the chance to mix my style and their style," says Rathwell. The 21 year old has been leading informal breakdancing circles for over a year at Meadow Park Sports Centre and has been invited to be an instructor with the Dance Society.

Tickets for the June 24 gala performance will be available in the coming weeks only from Ticketmaster, including the new Ticketmaster box office in MY Place.