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daisy water flow

BC Hydro and Fisheries and Oceans Canada have reached an agreement on interim water flows in the Cheakamus River. The agreement should improve fish habitat in the Cheakamus. Hydro has never signed a water flow agreement since the Daisy Lake dam was built in the late 1950s. Over the years there have been times when there was not enough water in the river to sustain fish, and at other times Hydro would release so much water that it would wipe out spawning areas. The interim agreement was developed with the consensus of the Squamish Nation, the Steelhead Society of B.C., the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Fisheries. It will remain in place until additional fisheries studies are completed and a water use plan is prepared. Squamish Nation representative Gibby Jacob said in a release, "This interim agreement on Cheakamus water flows is a step in the right direction. The issuance of a plan on water usage is a must to ensure that our salmon and their habitat will be ensured for future generations." A release from BC Hydro and Fisheries and Oceans Canada says "the new interim agreement will allow flows to more closely resemble natural water flow patterns. It is also expected to significantly increase habitat available for fish, over historic flows from Daisy Lake reservoir."

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