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Playstation turns 15



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I guess the real reason I'm keeping it is because that Playstation represents a lot of good memories. I played with my friends. I played alone, in those rare moments I had the house to myself. Against all odds I finished games and missions that seemed impossible, and went to bed extremely late with a vague sense of accomplishment.

While it may seem like I wasted a good part of my youth playing games, I should probably point out that I don't watch a whole lot of TV (e.g. never seen one episode of The Sopranos, 24, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor Season II onward, Bachelor, etc.). Thanks to the Playstation, I really don't think I've missed all that much.


Windows 7 comes through in virus crisis

I had a small crisis last week clicking links on Reddit.com when a window popped up and proclaimed that I had a virus on my computer, and that I had to activate a program called Antimalware Doctor to remove it. Having removed a similar virus from my father-in-law's computer a few months ago I knew that I was in for a battle.

There are all kinds of varieties of viruses out there and the fake virus protection software scam is one of them. My advice is first to know what software you have running on your system at all times, and visit the Task Manager from time to time so you have an idea of what should be running at any given time. Google anything you don't recognize.

This particular virus somehow got around Windows Security Essentials, which has been effective for me in the past. I couldn't use the Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete) to "End Task," or CCleaner (available at Piriform.com) to do an uninstall.

That left me with a few options. I did some research, and based on what I read at Bleeping Computer (www.bleepingcomputer.com) it was going to be a challenging process. I had to download a program called Rkill (which can kill any application or process), another Malware program (that only apparently works some of the time on this particular virus, depending on the version), rename some things, delete some things, save some things onto a thumbnail drive, do a safe start and go through about a dozen other steps.