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Summer games



I love the sun and being outside, but I've never been as adaptable to heat as most people. When I'm at the beach I'm in the water, or I'm in the forest playing on my bike instead of laying out on a blanket somewhere. And when the temperature cracks 30 I retreat to the coolest room in the house and chill until it's safe for me to go back outside.

Luckily I have about a zillion hobbies, but if I'm feeling bored then entertainment is never too far away on the web. There are literally thousands of free games and puzzles out there, and some of them are pretty good.

Here are some of the online games I've sampled recently that I would recommend:

Go To Hell - - This is an addicting game about a one metre tall dwarf with a pick who must tunnel his way to hell, 666 metres below the surface. You chip through rocks and move rocks around in a strategic way, navigating underground lakes, snakes, bats and other challenges. Each choice you make has consequences, and to make it down safely (I've yet to do it) you have to conserve your strength and health, and not get caught running out of air.

Battle for Alandria - - It starts off slowly and is a little confusing, but after a few levels you'll be coming up with strategies to win every level of this turn-based battle game.

The Pretender: Part 2 - - This puzzle game will have you thinking five moves ahead and playing levels over and over as you navigate your shape-shifting magician through a netherworld where you lead lost ghosts to safety. Turn into a monster and you can break and move the rocks, turn into wind and you can float up columns of steam...

Light Bot 2 - - This is the sequel to one of the top online games of 1998. It's a straight-up puzzle game where you have to program a path for your report using a series of commands. The fewer commands you use the more points you get.

Super Mario Bros. - - There's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one way to win at Super Mario Bros. This unique Flash game lets you play Super Mario Bros. using different Nintendo characters, from Super Metroid to Contra to Link, each with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Airport Madness 3 - - How many planes can you land safely? This game is like playing five games of speed chess at once, and requires deep focus, quick thinking and the ability to strategize "on the fly." It starts slow, but give it time...