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I can see my house



Hey, I can see my house. Sort of. The Google Map car never drove up my lane, but using Google Street View I can see the lane that leads to my house, and a bit of my driveway, and I guess that's kind of cool for about 10 seconds.

Last week Whistler and Squamish (and the rest of Canada) were added to Google Street View, a sometimes useful tool that you can use to pre-navigate your way around a city. I've used it to scope out buildings before I get there so I don't spend 20 minutes driving circles around the block looking for a street address.

I really believe there should be laws requiring people to prominently post their street address. Some buildings don't seem to have them, or they're in strange locations, or use a small font. Sometimes the order of signs make no logical sense, as one minute you're at 722 and the next 840, or the address on a corner building is on the wrong side of the building to be useful.

But while Google Street View can be helpful I don't really see the point of it most of the time. It's cool technology, and I invite everyone to take a Google Street View trip to New York City or Los Angeles. If something happens in the news you can usually go to the place it happened to get a sense of the neighbourhood or city.

But other than the momentary thrill of seeing your house on the Internet for the first time it's really not that useful to me. And the Whistler edition may not be that useful to many people, as most of the village is located along a pedestrian stroll that isn't accessible by the Google Street View vehicle. As well, a lot of our amenities aren't road accessible, like the mountains, the golf courses, the parks and the trails.

Still, it's there if you want to use it. Just drag the little person icon onto almost any road or street in Whistler and you can be transported there magcially. Go nuts.


Windows 7 release nears

While most reviewers are going to wait until Windows 7 is released on Oct. 22 before reviewing Microsoft's latest operating system, a lot of information has been leaked recently and some of it is not good.

For example, Cnet.com reported that in early tests Windows 7 is not faster to boot than Windows Vista, despite some claims to the contrary. That's bad news, as watching Vista boot is like watching your grandma program a VCR.