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Apple does it right, gets sued



You really can’t blame Cisco Systems for its lawsuit against Apple Computers — they own the patent to the term “iPhone” fair and square, through a series of mergers going back over a decade.

Why then Apple decided to name their new device iPhone is anybody’s guess — would “iPod Phone” really be that bad? Why not iPhod,   iCell, PodPhone, MacPhone, or any one of dozens of names that simply and legally combine the idea of Apple iPod meets cell phone? It really is a surprisingly stupid start for such an incredibly amazing product.

What effect this whole legal schmazel will have on Apple’s newest venture is unknown, but it’s safe to say Apple is going to sell a lot of phones regardless of what they’re called, and will steal market share from the likes of Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, LG, Research In Motion, Palm and other manufacturers.

I probably won’t be buying in. I’ve wanted to buy an iPod for a long time now, but I seem to always keep waiting for the next-next version to come out before taking the plunge. I’m glad that Apple is progressive and constantly updating their products, but I’d hate to buy one thing only to wish I waited three months and bought something slightly better.

It seems that no sooner is one version of iPod released than we’re already hearing enticing rumours about the next model coming down the pipe. First it was expanded storage, then it was the colour screen and ability to watch television and movies, then it was the promise of flash-memory based versions that were easier on batteries and could take a beating. Did I want massive capacity or long battery life? Did I want movies and television shows, or was I content to stick with music?

The iPhone rumours are about two years old now, as well as the rumours that Apple was working on a new type of touch screen that would enable the creation of a full-screen iPod. The fact those rumours came true, and in the same product, beat everyone’s expectations.

But while it seems like I’ve been waiting for something like the iPhone for a while, I’ll probably continue to wait just a little bit longer.

For one, I want to see exactly what this thing can do before taking the plunge. Will the screen scratch? How will the battery hold up? How much of the four to eight gigs of flash memory is occupied by software? How do users rate their cell/wireless plans? Can I record audio onto it with the right accessory, like other iPods? Is the camera any good? And, most importantly, is Apple going to come out with something better in the next year?

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