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World is flat again



Having recently purchased a WHA home, my wife and I are in the process of buying furniture to fill it – right now we have next to nothing.

That shopping list includes some necessary home electronics.

In the suite we’re currently living in all of our stuff pretty much sits in the living room – television, computer, and sound system so it was relatively easy to hook everything up. When we move, things will get a lot more complicated.

The main issue that we’ll soon have a spare room to use as an office where we’ll most likely put the computer. But since our computer is also our music player, and we’ll definitely want that music in our new living room, we’re going to have to come up with a new system.

There’s also talk of upgrading our AV experience and getting with the times by purchasing a flat screen high definition television.

Before I spend a cent on anything these days I always like to research my options online to understand exactly what I’m buying. Value is important, but I also like to make sure my purchases will last and do everything I expect.

I also have a conditioned mistrust of salespeople – especially when they’re on commission and it’s nearing lunchtime. I want to know as much as they do about a product or technology when it comes time to talk turkey.

Lastly, I do research because it’s always hard to make that final decision. I can’t really afford the highest of the high end of anything, where there are only a handful of products to choose from and the middle is crowded with brands and options. The array of divergent features available can be confusing as hell.

For music, there are several options for my new place.

Because I have most of my music collection on my computer these days and like using iTunes I can’t see myself going back to disks anytime soon. So I’ve already ruled out buying a new CD player to go with our existing 5.1 surround sound system which we also use for movies, video games, and music – and will be using for television once we upgrade to HDTV. One option is to dock an iPod or some other kind of portable player with our existing system. But since we don’t have an iPod (I’m waiting to see what the next generation looks like before spending that kind of money), that’s an expensive fix for our problem. The iPod will also have to be in the room in order to have music, which basically negates the whole point of buying a portable player.

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