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Cyber goodies and baddies, how to bake em or book em



Growing up, moving away and spending that first Christmas far from home really makes you realize how much work the holidays can be, assuming you even want to try and recreate the same kind of holiday you used to enjoy at home.

There’s a lot of baking and decorating involved, but somehow we also had everything we needed in the fridge, pantry and liquor cabinet to get through a long week. My mom even made note of when our favourite TV shows were on, like A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and Jim Henson’s Muppet Christmas – which was the ultimate because it put all the characters from Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock in the same house over the holidays.

I haven’t even come close to replicating a Christmas at home while living in Whistler. Lately I don’t even have room for a tree, and sometimes I get a little homesick.

But every year I try to do something traditional, whether it’s baking Christmas cookies, making some rum and eggnog, watching my favourite Christmas specials, or eating myself into a persistent vegetative state.

You may not have your mom’s recipe cards handy, but there’s plenty on the Internet to help you out.

All Recipes – www.allrecipes.com

Although this site is fairly self explanatory, the one drawback is that there are literally too many recipes to choose from. I went here once to get a recipe for waffle batter, and came up with about 10 different "basic" waffle recipes that were very different from each other. Still, this is the first place to go to find recipes and directions for everything from making gingerbread houses to cooking the Christmas turkey.

Bar None Drinks – www.barnonedrinks.com

Whether you’re looking for directions for Hot Buttered Rum, rum and eggnog mix, martinis, spiced wine, or specialty coffees this is a good place to find those elusive drink recipes.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers – www.christmas-stocking-stuffers.com

In my house Christmas was always about the stockings. We got other big gifts, toys and things under the tree, but I probably spent two whole days playing with the little toys, puzzles and gadgets crammed into my stocking. I even ate the oranges. This site has a wide range of ideas for stocking stuffers for all ages and interests.

iTunes – www.itunes.com