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Enter Ultrawideband, a new technology that allows short-range, high speed wireless data transfers that can rival any cable-based information transfer. Long in use by the military, the technology will be coming to consumers thought a former subsidiary of Motorola.

This technology is capable of transferring data wirelessly at 110 MB per second for a range of up to 30 feet at low power, and new versions will be capable of speeds of 220 MB/s.

Not only will that speed improve and simplify data transfers between wireless devices, from MP3 players to laptops, it also opens the door for a wide range of new applications.

Renting a movie? Instead of bringing home a scratched DVD, you’ll be able to bring a keychain hard drive device to a rental store, select the movie you want, and download it in a matter of seconds.

Buying a CD? Same thing.

Right now the major obstacle is the companies, with different ultrawideband manufacturers and electronics companies disagreeing over what technology to make the standard format.