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In addition, they’re not as patient a group as you might think – 64 per cent of older users are signed onto high-speed Internet services.

The survey respondents also indicated that they are spending more time online, an average of about 9.6 hours per week compared to 6.8 hours a week a year ago.

Although they’re on it, there are signs that older Canadians don’t quite trust the technology just yet. Only 41 per cent of users 55 and older have used online banking, for example, compared to 55 per cent of younger Canadians. When it comes to purchasing goods and services online, the numbers are 41 per cent and 51 per cent respectively for older and younger users.

Digging ‘Frozen Dirt’

Modern day cell phones are capable of a lot more than most people think, which is why B.C.-based Frozen Dirt Media (www.frozendirt.com) may have hit the jackpot with their new File4ward software.

Based on a new application by Penokio, this new software allows people to access their home or office computers and retrieve files using a cell phone or desktop browser, using a remote hard drive. You can use the service to browse through files, and even forward them by e-mail to another computer.

The beta test is available online at the Frozen Dirt site, and is free to use for the first 90 days.

Pucks still dropping

The current lockout that threatens to shut down the National Hockey League for most, if not all, of the coming season in the absence of a Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t mean the end of the hockey season.

In Vancouver, Canucks season ticket holders signed up for the next best thing, buying seats for the Vancouver Giants Western Hockey League Franchise.

Others will be following a new four-on-four league modelled after the so-called original six NHL teams, while others will be turning their sights on European leagues, which will get a boost from an influx of NHL players who are keen to keep their skills honed.

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