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Supporting athletes online



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A good place to start is the Athletes CAN Web site at www.athletescan.com. This is a Web site for Canadian athletes, with articles on various issues and information on various government programs. Click on the Sport Links tab and you’ll get a complete list of Canadian Sport Centres, including the PacificSport centre in Victoria, as well as our National Sport Organizations. Follow the links to the sports you’d like to support and find out how you can support them or make a contribution.

The Sport Canada Web site at www.pch.gc.ca/sportscanada/ has a similar list under the tab for Sport Federations.

The Canadian Olympic Committee site at www.olympic.ca has a banner ad urging you to support Canada’s high performance athletes. Click on it and you’ll find yourself at the home page for the Canadian Olympic Excellence Fund and a link to an online donation form. You can also buy sweatshirts, gold medal plates and other merchandise with the proceeds going to our amateur athletes. You can’t pick what sports to fund, but you can earmark your donation directly to high performance preparation, athlete assistance, coaching or our national sport centres.

Police want e-mail access

When the nation’s police chiefs met in Vancouver this week for an annual conference, one of the hot topics on the list was a proposal to amend government statutes to allow for more snooping on e-mail, Internet activities and other electronic records. They tabled proposed "lawful access" measures on Wednesday, Aug. 18 spelling their case for more access to Canadian computers and computer users.

Although privacy advocates are horrified, the police chiefs say they need the measure to crack down on organized crime, e-fraud, child pornography, Internet stalking, Internet predators, terrorism, identity theft, software and copyrighted content theft, and other crimes that use current technology.

If the measures are adopted at the federal level, Internet Service Providers would have to rebuild their systems to allow police to access their databases of information.

PC still the Gamers first online choice

Despite selling more than 70 million units around the world, Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft X-box customers still only represent a small percentage of the number of gamers going online. According to a new study by the NPD Group titled Online Gaming: The Consumer Perspective for PC and Video Games, only 40 per cent of PS2 and X-box users are playing games online, compared to 60 per cent of PC users. And there are far more PC users out there than console owners.

In addition, gamers who have both a console and a computer are still more likely to use the computer for online gaming.