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Master criminal or scapegoat?



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I hope making an example of Parson will make the net safer, but I have my doubts.

Movie premiers online

Simon Beaufoy, the creator of the Oscar nominated film The Full Monty is taking an interesting approach to marketing his latest project, This is Not a Love Song – it’s the first movie to premier online, and can be downloaded from the official site at www.thisisnotalovesong.com.

Directed by Bille Eltringham, who recently directed the thriller 28 Days Later, the new movie is about a pair of fugitives who accidentally kill someone on a remote farm, and are hunted down by a group of vigilante farmers.

Filmed digitally, the movie takes place in England with a cast of actors well known in that country.

Before you get your hopes up, you should know that there is a significant drawback for the whole concept – currently the film can only be downloaded in the U.K.