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Happy Valentine’s… Happy?



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Loving You has a few suggestions for this at http://holidays.lovingyou.com/valentine/index.shtml?ID=music – and please disregard the Michael Boulton reference.

Other suggestion from the Web include anything by Barry White, Stevie Wonder, India Arie, Erika Bahdu, The Gyspy Kings, The Beatles, Jack Johnson, and mid-90s Madonna.

Every rose has its thorn…

Flowers and chocolates aren’t obligatory, but they are always appreciated. If you’re going to be somewhere else, or don’t have time to drop by you local florists, try 1-800-FLOWERS at www.flowers.com or FTD Florists at www.ftd.com . You can pick from a wide variety of bouquets and gifts for delivery for slightly more than it would cost you in the store. Chances are your local florist is somehow affiliated which guarantees freshness and promptness if you’re one of those last-minute types.

Romance is a dish best served hot…

Going out for a nice dinner is always a nice way to spend Valentine’s, but let’s face it – you’re not the first couple to think of this, and unless you’re prepared to make a reservation at an expensive restaurant (and soon), then you might find yourself waiting in line for a table.

One sure way to beat the crowds is to cook a romantic dinner at home. The key here is to keep it light – a huge steak dinner with all the fixings is not going to lead anywhere but the couch, and maybe the bathroom.

The Free Gourmet has a few ideas at www.free-gourmet-recipes.com/loverecipes.shtml , as does the Kissing Booth at www.kissingbooth.com/recipes/ , The Romantic at www.theromantic.com/recipes/main.htm , and Romacetips.com at www.romancetips.com/recipes/ .

Romantic advice from the stars…

Because Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year – a long weekend, too, if you live in the U.S. or Alberta – you’ve got more than one breakfast in bed or dinner at home to plan for. You might want to back up your arsenal with a few romantic movies – you can either watch them together, or mine them for tips.

Luckily the people at About.com have assembled a list of romantic comedies and dramas at http://romanticmovies.about.com/ . The Romance Institute has put together a list of romantic movies that guys like at www.artofattraction.com/romov.htm . Inspiration Point has put together another list with public input at www.inspirationpoint.com/ipmovies.htm