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Time killers



Time on your hands?

You’re in luck. Killing time is an ancient art-form that probably predates time itself. While our prehistoric ancestors were probably pretty busy killing woolly mammoths, making fire, and bashing rocks together to make tools, somewhere along the line they had enough free time to invent the wheel, develop a language, and draw pictures on cave walls, and we’re all a lot better off for it.

Why were playing cards invented, or chess boards for that matter? Once upon a time, a trip from London to New York took about two months by sailing ship, with nothing to do to pass the time but suck on limes and watch the horizon – without books, games, musical instruments and the odd funeral at sea, they might not have made it to the new world with their sanity intact.

Even now, in a world where you’re probably never really much farther than 250 metres from a TV screen, it’s still a challenge to kill time.

Let’s face it, not even the most diligent office worker can spend every second of every day at their desk working – except for me that is.

There’s also nothing good on television when you’re at home, and not even a professor of literature can spend every minute of the day reading a book.

Myself, I have two guitars, a Playstation 2, a collection of books to read, a table hockey table, art supplies, a huge bin full of random sporting equipment, a bike, a snowboard, a gym membership, and all kinds other time consuming knick-knacks, and I still find myself with time to kill.

More and more I find myself turning to the Internet to fill these holes.

The sheer volume and variety of time consuming devices on the Web would take you a lifetime to get through, and there really is something for everybody. If you consider playing games a waste of time, then you can do a crossword or solve puzzles. You can watch videos, listen to music, and read odd lists and articles compiled by people with even more time on their hands than you have.


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