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Webby Awards Part IV



At the Academy Awards, they say it’s an honour just to me nominated. We’ll see if the same holds true for the annual Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences to the top Web sites in more than 30 categories. The awards will be presented on June 18 at a ceremony in San Francisco, and the winners are allowed only a five word victory speech for posterity.

Last week we covered Fashion to Government and Law categories. This week will cover Health to Music.

Because I got a late start this year, Cybernaut will continue to list nominated sites even after the awards are handed out. The point is that all of the nominated sites are excellent, maybe even useful, and that’s a rare commodity on the Internet these days. If you want to spoil the ending and find out who won, visit www.webby awards.com.


Breast Cancer Action ( www.bcaction.org ) – "Breast Cancer Action carries the voices of people affected by breast cancer to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic."

Dr. Spock ( www.drspock.com ) – That’s "Dr. Spock", not "Mr. Spock", so put the rubber ears and phaser away. Dr. Spock is a respected author and physician who has focused on parenting and child health.

Life Clinic ( www.lifeclinic.com ) – This membership site allows you to assess your health, talk to physicians, and track your diet and overall health.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate ( www.ppgg.org ) – There are heterosexual people on both sides of San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, and this site provides leading edge planned parenthood information and advice for them.

TeenWire ( www.teenwire.com ) – A hip approach to sex education that grown up experts have contrived to appeal to teens. It’s a little hokey, like commercials for Frosted Flakes and Sunny D, but there’s a lot of good information.


F***edcompany.com ( www.f---edcompany.com ) – A complete backlash against corporate culture based on actual f***ed companies, the moves they make and the language they use. Like a celebrity dead pool, pick the companies you think are going down.

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