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Webby Awards Part III



Moving right along.

In mid-June the International Academy of Digital Arts and Design will be awarding the best of the best on the Internet in a variety of categories from Activism to Weird. In addition there will be a people’s choice award, as well as quantity awards for sites based on the number of visitors to those sites.

For more information visit www.webbyawards.com .

Last week we went from Broadband to Education. This week will look at Fashion through Government & Law.


Hint Fashion Magazine ( www.hintmag.com ) – "Chic Happens" is one of the regular features on this site. Clothes, hair and the people who make style happen.

Lumiere Magazine ( www.lumiere.com ) – I can’t figure what’s on this site for the life of me, but there is some cool Oriental lettering. Very hot right now.

SoWear ( www.sowear.com ) – More features on clothes, hair and fashion "personalities".

Style ( www.style.com ) – More fashion stuff presented by Vogue and W. Magazines.

ZooZoom.com Magazine (www.zoozoom.com) – See above. If you haven’t guessed I don’t know much about fashion, and therefore feel uncomfortable when confronted by a model with bright red air, green eye shadow and a leopard-print hat.


Donnie Darko ( www.donniedarko.com ) – This is the official Web site of a new independent movie about Donnie Darko, a 16-year-old plagued by hallucinations inspired by fantasy and science fiction.

IFILM ( www.ifilm.com ) – iFilm is a warehouse of independent movies, videos, trailers, animations, shorts, clips, fan tributes, trailers, commercials and television shows. It’s huge. Find an ISP that allows unlimited high-speed bandwith, and get watching.

Metacritic ( www.metacritic.com ) – Trailers and reviews from professional reviewers are collected and indexed to come up with metaratings on popular movies, videos, music and video games.

Waking Life ( www.wakinglifemovie ) – The official Web site for the critically acclaimed Hollywood move Waking Life. Mind-blowing art with a so-so plot and narrative, or so I’m told.