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Webby Awards Part Deux



The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, are the Internet’s equivalent of the Oscar’s, with a people’s choice award thrown in for good measure. There are more than 30 award categories, and for the next few weeks I’ll be telling you what sites have been nominated and why.

For more information on the Webby’s, visit www.webbyawards.com .

Last week we covered Activism and Best Practices. This week’s column will go from Broadband to Education.


120 Seconds (www.120seconds.com) – Really weird little films, animations, and music videos so completely un-mainstream that you’ll finally understand what "Indy" really means. Compelling, and sometimes inaccessible, there’s always something new to watch at 120 Seconds.

BThere ( www.bthere.tv ) – "Bthere is a multimedia production studio that creates, produces and distributes entertainment based content for the booming global Generation "I" market. By using both new (Internet, wireless) and traditional (television, radio) media, Bthere is changing the way celebrities communicate with their fans." Enough said.

The Guggenheim ( www.guggenheim.com ) – A wide selection of dynamic online exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, and a virtual museum. "Each exhibition is an extraordinary compilation of archived information, vivid images, and entirely new content."

KaZaA ( www.kazaa.com ) – Peer-To-Peer is just a fancy word for the same person-to-person file sharing that got Napster into hot water, but if you’re looking to share your stuff while boosting your own "file" collection – meaning perpetuate the theft of music – this is a great place to go.

OddCast ( www.oddcast.com ) – "Oddcast’s mission is to become the de facto standard in consumer-level, rich-media communications tools. To that end we have become the leader in providing consumer-friendly, interactive media solutions for entertainment, business, personal and educational needs." What tools you ask? What needs? How about software applications that allow you to create and edit music, edit films and create slideshows? How does that grab you?


Amazon.com (www.amazon.com) – Amazon.com really needs no introduction, but suffice it to say, this online retailer is more out of the red and into the black these days and there’s a good reason for it. In a word, "selection".

BabyCenter ( www.babycenter.com ) – Everyone loves babies, but it’s not enough to simply have one these days. You have to properly feed them, clothe them, soothe them, warm them and transport them from place to place in such a way that the soft spots on their heads are protected. The Baby Center is loaded with parenting information and products to take you from the purple blot on your home tester to the time your baby is ready to go to preschool.