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Summer blockbusters


I didn’t like the last Star Wars installment, The Phantom Menace. Not that I spent a lot of time in chat rooms bitching about it with other Sci-Fi geeks, but I have had some heated discussions on the topic with other Star Wars fans.

In my opinion, The Phantom Menace was childish, and lacked the strong characters that made the original trilogy so likable. I didn’t like all the gratuitous computer animation, specifically the pod race with the two-headed announcer, the robot soldiers, the Gungans, or the space/Naboo battle scenes at the end. I didn’t like Jar Jar Binks, or any of the animated characters for that matter.

I didn’t like the kid who played Anakin, the whole Immaculate Conception plot, or the concept of midi-chlorians and The Force.

I didn’t like the younger Yoda, or the whole idea of the Jedi order sitting around in padded armchairs in the middle of a huge city.

I didn’t like the dialogue, the acting, or the way the movie jumped around from place to place.

The one character I did like had one line and was cut in half at the end – it’s safe to say that Darth Maul won’t be back in the sequel.

All these problems and I only saw it once.

And yet I’ll probably still be first in line to catch the next installment in the series, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which is opening on May 16.

It’s a must-see kind of movie that must be seen, even if I regret it and am condemned to spend the next three years complaining about it.

It will be a big draw, but will Attack of the Clones be the summer’s top movie?

Summer is a beautiful time, but from an entertainment perspective it’s also incredibly boring. Television is one rerun after another, and unless you are one of those people who can watch endless hours of Major League Baseball or golf, you’re not going spend a lot of time indoors. And the sun can’t shine every day.

That’s probably why movie studios wait until this time of year to release their big budget blockbuster motion pictures. Star Wars is just the tip of the iceberg. Between May and September, more than 60 major motion pictures will be released. Here are a few of the top contenders for the summer of 2002’s biggest picture.

www.starwars.com /episode-ii/

There are three trailers and a music video for Episode II, all of which are available on the Star Wars.com website. Naturally, as a Star Wars fan you’ve already seen them, but you might want to watch them again a few times before May 16 to get psyched, and to get ideas for costumes to wear to the premier.

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