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Easter eggs



In the digital world, the Easter Bunny doesn’t leave eggs around the house, but embedded into hardware and software, movies, music and games. Easter eggs are hidden levels and characters, bonus tracks on CDs, added movie footage on DVDs, and so on.

Some Easter eggs are nearly impossible to find, and some are right in front of your eyes. Some are meant to be found, and some are jokes put into software by a programmer for the benefit of other programmers – secrets for the initiated.

C/Net ( www.cnet.com ) has put together of a list of the best Easter eggs to be found on the Web. Here are some of the best.


The Matrix was one of the top grossing movies of all time, and there are still two more sequels to come. The last two parts of the trilogy are currently being filmed in Sydney, Australia.

To keep the buzz alive, Warner Bros has put together a hacker Web site filled with Easter eggs at Hack The Matrix. Just click on the keyboard, and enter one of the following codes into the popup window:

Agent bullet time, bill, carrie, chrysalis, crash, darrow, déjà vu, geof, guns, keanu, Laurence, lobby, mirror mirror, morpheus, nebuchadnezzar, neo bullet time, owen page78, page98, page168, page 212, red, redpill, sentinal, site credits, skroce, steak, Tokyo, trinity, wrong number.

That should keep you busy until the next Matrix movie hits the big screens in early 2003 under the name The Matrix Reloaded. For more information, check out The Matrix Web site at www.whatisthematrix.com .


This is a database with thousand of Easter egg hunting tips, from how to find the copy of a driving game in Microsoft Excel 2000, and a crazy search menu in Internet Explorer 5. There are also examples of Easter eggs in movies, television, books and art.

You could spend weeks at this site, analyzing details in famous paintings, or looking for hidden tracks in your CD collection.

You can also find an unusual egg within the site itself. Type "funky camel" in the search window, minus the quotations, and you’ll get a weird, and pointless, camel animation.


The Web search engine Google is rapidly becoming the most important engine on the Internet. Because it’s an international site, you can choose from a variety of different languages for the main page, from Spanish to French to Norwegian.