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On the graphics side, it has a top-of-the-line NVIDIA graphics cards which apparently delivers "three times the graphics performance of other consoles" – without mentioning the PS2 specifically, this could be a measure of apples and oranges.

It also plays DVDs, and comes equipped with an ethernet port that will allow Xbox users to connect over a high-speed Internet connection.

The controller has had good reviews, and there are a number of other interesting peripherals available, like steering wheels and a balance board for snowboard, skateboard and surfing games.

On the game side, the Xbox is being released alongside 35 different titles.

Price-wise, it’s on par with the other systems.

You can get an Xbox console with two games – your choice, not Bill Gates’ – at Future Shop for $599.


Nintendo went a slightly different route than Sony and Microsoft with the GameCube, focusing on the kind of gameplay that made N64 such a success a few years ago – in other words, it should be a hit with younger audiences. It’s also a lot smaller than the other consoles, powered by a three-inch disk that holds about 1.5 gigabytes of information.

The CPU is an IBM Gekko processor that uses copper wire throughout the architecture to maximize speed while minimizing its footprint.

Three-inch disk, each holding about 1.5 GB of information. The graphics were also bumped up a notch to provide better 3D rendering and seamless gameplay.

There’s no video support, but that means load times are a fraction of other consoles. Wireless remotes are available with a range of up to 10 metres. In the near future, the capability will exist to play online against other Cube owners.

Other than that, there’s not a lot of information available for GameCube, which makes it hard to compare – once again, it’s apples and oranges. A complete comparison will be made once all three systems are available.

There are approximately 50 game available for GameCube, including popular SuperMario and Donkey Kong titles.

GameCube will be available on Nov. 18, but like the Xbox, the first shipments have already sold out.

The Cube’s advantage will likely be in price, which is substantially lower than either the PS2 or Xbox. A GameCube bundle from Future Shop, including two games of your choice, retails for $439.