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Everybody has a catch-all drawer to throw the items they’re not quite sure what to do with. They’re not useless, they just don’t seem to belong anywhere else.

For this week’s Cybernaut, I’ve gone through my catch-all drawer of Web sites. They don’t follow any particular theme or have much of anything to do with one another, but if you dig deep you just might find something you can use.

Whistler Valley Tennis Club pro Scott Pedersen has launched two new Web sites, www.whistlergolfandtennis.com and www.whistlerproshop.com.

Whistler Golf and Tennis is an overview of courses and courts in the Whistler area, and of his own instructional CD-ROM. In the future, Scott hopes to offer discounts for golf and tennis through the Web site.

At Whistler Pro Shop, you can shop for gear related to biking, hiking, golf, tennis, ski and snowboards – every major Whistler sport.

"It’s really Whistler’s first online sports discount store," says Pedersen. "There’s a limited selection of stuff on there now, but my goal is to keep building it until I can sell everything to everybody."


When I was a kid I must have pumped an entire college tuition in quarters into my favourite video games – Joust, Beserk, Rampage, Defender. They cried out to me while I was awake. They mocked me as I slept. When Friday rolled out around and the old man doled out the allowances, I was off to Jug City (no joke) a local milk and convenience store with fresh liquorice and a mini arcade in the back.

I thought I’d moved on with my life, discovering pool, girls, physical fitness, but then I discovered the Classic Arcade at Shockwave.com. Now I’m playing all the oldies again, losing sleep and loving it You’ll need to download the Shockwave Player, and the Shockmachine so you can save titles to your hard drive.


A.I. may not have been the greatest movie ever made, but at least it was relevant. Judging by the leaps and bounds that computer technology is taking these days, I don’t really believe the days of robots and Artificial Intelligence are that far off – after all, what is a human brain but an immensely sophisticated and eccentric computer?

We’re not quite there yet, but when the technology at last catches up to humanity, you’ll probably buy your robot butler from Friendly Machines.

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