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Webby Awards Part IV


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Believing the cornerstone of any good democracy is transparency, I chose www.opensecrets.org as my political candidate to win a Webby. This site tracks the campaign contributions of every U.S. politicians, unearths corporate ties and conflicts of interest, and keeps political controversies from being swept under the carpet and forgotten by following them to their conclusion. This is freedom of information at its fullest. We need a site like this is Canada.

The runner up would have to be All Politics at www.cnn.com/allpolitics . This is a CNN catchall of all political stories and issues in the news. With President Bush planning to tap oil out of an Alaskan wildlife reserve, the U.S. putting tariffs on Canadian wood, an American company attempting to buy a lake in Labrador – thereby making our water a commodity under the North American Free Trade Agreement – it’s not such a bad idea to follow American politics.