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Webby Awards Part IV


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Number two in my mind is Salon magazine at www.salon.com . This is a slightly more in-depth and alternative view of the news, picking up on the stories that fell through the cracks. While most news organizations focus on the sensational stories that sell papers and ad time, Salon brings you the stories that make you want to turn off the television and march on Washington.


Anybody can have a Web site these days, and sometimes it seems like everybody does. If you have a cool site and the word gets out, though, you can become a Web celebrity – while staying comfortably anonymous.

All of the nominated sites were created by average people and catapulted to fame by the real world virtues of the sites.

The best and funniest site was Dancing Paul at www.dancingpaul.com . You can pick a tune or a style and Dancing Paul – a strange looking guy with a Ramones tribute haircut – will bust a move to it. I couldn’t tell if he was serious, joking, or somewhere in between, but whatever his motives were, Dancing Paul cheered me up.

The runner up would have to be www.douglaspearce.com . Douglas Pearce is a commercial photographer, and a good one at that. There are hundreds of images to browse through with captions and often photographic explanations of light, aperture, lenses, and conditions. You’re free to download any of the images and use it as your desktop.


Judging by the poor voter turnout on May 16, this isn’t exactly anyone’s favourite topic these days – the problem stems from the frustration that all politicians are basically alike, and nothing you do at the polls will make the slightest bit of difference in dragging this province, this country, this planet back from the brink. Or is it just me?

All the nominees in this category were American, but since a lot of the bungling that goes on down there will affect Canada in some way, they were not entirely irrelevant.