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Webby Awards Part III



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If I had wealth or taste, I’d probably tune into Epicurious ( www.epicurious.com ) to read the latest about matching wine to seafood entrees. If I were a girl, age 15 to 30, I’d probably tune into www.chickclick.com to learn how to crochet hats and read up on Madonna’s latest religious experience – I’m not making fun; this site actually has articles on pedicures, making candles and organizing your closet.

If I were a nosy, ineffectual parent, I would probably get my facts on drugs, alcohol and teen pregnancy at www.cfoc.org , the Campaign For Our Children headquarters.

If I had a baby, I might check into www.babycenter.com to prepare myself for the various trials and tribulations of fatherhood.

If I was going to get married, I might log onto The Knot ( www.theknot.com ) for help on planning the big day – that is if it hasn’t already been planned to the smallest detail by your fiancée and the future mother-in-law. Then it’s a good idea to keep quiet, nod enthusiastically, and play lots of golf.