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The National Geographic Society ( www.nationalgeographic.com ) has been an institution for more than one hundred years, mixing science and nature, history and literature, photography and adventure, with a scope that spans the past, present and future; from the subatomic level to the universal. The Web site is spectacular, featuring articles and insight from the monthly magazine and a wide range of Web-only features for all interests and ages.

My runner-up choice would have to be the New York Times Learning Network at www.nytimes.com/learning . This is a resource for parents and educators, furnishing articles and essays relating to every school topic, from calculus to history to world issues. The content is fresh, applicable to our world, and far more interesting than the typical classroom fare – if they had this when I was in school, I might have stayed awake now and then.

The content can be U.S.-centric, but not always – math is math after all. You will need a free membership to access all the content.