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www.120seconds.com – this is a broadband only site run by the CBC to showcase the talents of Canadian artists. Inside you’ll find a large collection of music, animation, short movies, and video essays, sometimes artsy, sometimes fartsy, always edgy and occasionally mind-blowing. Don’t even think about touring this site without a fast Internet connection.

The runner up would have to be www.heavy.com , a broadband entertainment/pop culture site that is visually stunning and incredibly sophisticated – while this site will likely win the award for its sheer beauty, I wasn’t a big fan of the content or the editorial voices of its creators.



One of the most profitable sectors of the web is the travel sector, enabling would-be travellers to research travel destinations, cost-compare and book flights, hotels and cars. The GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Page) Travel section is bigger, better and often cheaper than most, catering to younger, more adventurous, and generally more active people who want more out of their vacations than a sun tan.

The runner up would have to be www.mysimon.com , a kind of online department store where you can actually pick a product and compare prices on a wide selection of other e-commerce Web sites. Not only do you get the lowest price possible on those products, the site regularly posts special offers for products that you can’t afford not to buy.


The winner, in my books, is www.fray.com , a semi-voyeuristic look into the lives of real people. People submit true stories about their lives and their experiences for whatever reason, whether it’s to share the lessons they’ve learned, to entertain, to garner empathy, or because sometimes it’s therapeutic to share your story with strangers. There are four main story headings: Criminal, Hope, Work and Drugs. Many of the stories are illustrated, and the artwork is typically excellent.

The runner-up would have to be www.beliefnet.com , a kind of interfaith Web site that attempts to reconcile beliefs, both spiritual and religious, encourages tolerance of other beliefs, and generally tries to lighten up the whole belief issue.