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Columnists for The Province are just as good, and often more controversial than columnists for the Sun. One columnist in particular, Michael Smyth is particularly incisive, and has generated a large following of his own. Even MLAs, when they have something to leak or snitch to the media, call Smyth first. One example of this was Premier Dosanjh’s recent vacation in India – it turned into an official visit pretty quick, largely because Smyth leaked the details and the itinerary of the trip. Smyth has a good sense of humour, an excellent memory for hypocrisy, and no visible bias of any kind – he actually makes provincial politics interesting and fun to follow.


This is MYBC.com’s compiled election coverage with stories both on and off the beaten path. There are articles on the fringe candidates, opinion polls, and analyses and comparisons of party platforms. This site also covers the campaign issues, such as health care and tax cuts, giving you a birds-eye view of the election.


This is the official Web site of CKNW AM980 in Vancouver, a radio station that features a wide range of political commentary. The most recognizable voice on the political scene belongs to Rafe Mair. If you can’t get CKNW in your home, you can listen live via the Internet, and can even download Mair’s past editorials.


When all else fails, you can always turn to the CBC. With hours of live and regional programming every morning, every aspect of this election, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will be scrutinized in full through regular interviews with the candidates, and the incessant commentary of experts, spokesmen and women, and anyone who might be affected by the outcome of the election in one way or another.

When the CBC calls, everybody answers the phone, which ensures lively debates and daily coverage. You can listen in online at the above address.


This is the home of B.C. Politics, a commentary-driven site put together by political analyst John Twigg. Insightful, scathing, superior, and sometimes humerous, Twigg is a hardcore conservative who basically started this site, and the Twigg Report, to take pot shots at the New Democratic Party. Although he denies being partisan in any way, and there was no Twigg Report before the NDP, it will be interesting to see if his tune changes with a new government in the legislature. Is he for the Liberals or against every politician who doesn’t vote his way?