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Who are you?



If someone asked you write a 500-word autobiography, what would you say? Would you write about your volunteer work at the hospital or the winning goal you scored in double-overtime to win the championship? Would you write about your involvement in the astronomy club or your collection of classic vinyl? I guess it would depend on who was asking.

If it’s part of a university application, for example, you might talk about grades and your stint on student council. If it’s for a job application to a Fortune 500 company, you might want to mention your computer skills and the team skills you learned playing football. If it’s for a personal ad, you might want to focus more on the beach house and your great sense of humour.

The gap between humility and bragging isn’t all that wide, so you always have to be careful to keep the exercise real – don’t write anything about yourself that you can’t back up.

How smart are you?


They say I.Q. tests are not a fair and accurate assessment of intelligence, but try telling that to a member of Mensa with a 186 on the books. If you have a poor I.Q., it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re stupid. On the other hand, if you have a good I.Q. it does mean you are smart. Yeah, you can cheat a little by training yourself to take the test, getting better and better at the answers as you go, but isn’t this also a measure of intelligence? Nobody is born smart – we just get that way by reading and practising the academic arts over and over, using and training our brains until we can honestly say that we’re smarter than the average bear.

Take the test and see for yourself. If you do well you can tell people that you’re a certified genius. If you do poorly, you can tell people that you don’t believe in standardized testing and punch up your creative side. I won’t tell you what I got, but how are you enjoying this original feature so far?

Warning: they will try to sell you a collection of 180 different tests designed to increase your brainpower and build a complete intelligence profile, but for $9.95 it could almost be worth it. You even get a couple of other free tests to help make up your mind – How Do I Mean? What Have I Chosen? and Singing Your Self.

How funny are you?


There’s an ongoing debate in the scientific community as to whether humour is genetic or determined by upbringing, or a combination of the two – just as people can be diagnosed as clinically depressed, people can be diagnosed as clinically funny. According to one study, however, most people aren’t nearly as funny as they think they are.

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