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Once you’ve made the commitment to exercise, there are calculators to determine your optimum Heart Rate and calculators to determine just how many calories you’ve burned.

While these calculators come with a warning to check with your physician before you start to exercise, they are a good place to start any regimen.


LifeMatters takes a holistic approach to fitness, attributing good health to a balanced lifestyle. That doesn’t just mean less food and more exercise, but mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as well – what’s the point of looking good if you feel like crap? There are sections on Health News, Health Matters, Fitness Matters, Nutrition Matters, Relating Matters and Parenting Matters. You will have to subscribe, but the subscriptions are free.

This is a good site because it is a work in progress and a compilation of ideas and proven formulas from professionals in all relevant fields.


This is the official site of Health Canada, with articles, facts and figures on almost everything that is health related, from public health care to childhood obesity. Almost everything you would ever want to know about fitness, nutrition, drugs and disease can either be found here, or through its comprehensive selection of health related links. Whether you voted Liberal or not, this is an excellent and knowledgeable site.


This is the home of the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, and it has a kind of friendly Dr. Bunsen and Beaker/Muppet Labs thing going on that makes it a good site to bookmark.

It mostly contains statistics on fitness and lifestyle, but there is plenty of valuable information here that can help you, or at the very least frighten you into changing your habits.


Back in the day every school kid in Canada spent an afternoon in the Canada Fitness Program, doing sit-ups, running laps, jumping, and flexed-arm hanging from bars while the clocked ticked to determine how fit they were. The fittest were given awards of excellence, the next fittest gold badges, and so on and so to "Participant".

The government eventually did away with this program because of the psychological effect it was having on less physically capable children. I used to dread it, and I was consistently in the gold category.