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Customer douses Petro-Canada fire


A small fire broke out at the Petro-Canada gas station in Pemberton early Tuesday morning, but was brought under control quickly thanks to a fast-acting patron.

Fire chief Russell Mack said a small electric motor inside the station caught fire just after 7 a.m.   People were in the store at the time the fire broke out, and one patron put the flames out before a fire crew arrived.

“He put it out with a dry-chem fire extinguisher, so that was really great,” said Mack.

Fire crews cleared customers and employees out, ventilated the building, and ensured the device was powered down. They also advised station employees to have an electrician inspect and repair the device.

Mack described the fire as “very minor,” as it caused no damage, and said the station was closed for only about 20 to 30 minutes.