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Current council all seeking re-election


All seven members of the current council confirmed this week that they will seek re-election.

Mayor Hugh O’Reilly, who is seeking a third term as mayor and who has been a member of Whistler councils since 1988, announced during the summer that he would run again.

Councillors Nick Davies and Stephanie Sloan had also announced their intentions to seek re-election earlier this year.

But several other members of council were known to be considering stepping down last year. In recent weeks, however, all decided to try for three more years.

Davies was elected in 1999, while Sloan, Ted Milner and Ken Melamed were first elected in 1996. Kristi Wells was elected in 1993 and Dave Kirk was elected in 1990.

If O’Reilly is re-elected he will become only the second mayor in Whistler’s history to serve more than two terms.

Pat Carleton, Whistler’s first mayor, was elected mayor five times from 1975 to 1982. A normal term in office at that time was two years and two of Carleton’s terms were for less than two years.

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