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Cuba comes to Whistler


Who:Valentin y Los del Caribe

Where: MY Place

When: Tuesday, July 22

Think hot. Think electric. Think about finding yourself out of your seat, dancing, before the thought even crosses your mind. Think Valentin y Los Del Caribe.

This vigorous and talented 14-piece band don’t just play Cuban music, but are actually from Cuba so you’ll get the real deal.

Valentin has been leading Valentin y Los del Caribe for 10 years. They have been recognized as premier ambassadors of Cuba and of Latin music. From the Cha Cha to the Bolero to the Salsa, they play it all. Valentin y Los Del Caribe combines passionate vocals, thunderous percussions, intense brass section and dynamic keyboards.

Tickets are $30 and $20 – or $2 for Sea to Sky youth ages 8-18 who purchase advance tickets themselves. Show starts at 8 p.m. For more info please visit www.oneworldartsproductions.com or call 604-935-8410.