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Crud 2 Mud sets some impressive times

Event marks end of official ski season



The annual Crud 2 Mud race took place on Sunday afternoon, with some impressive times for both solo racers and teams.

The snow portion of the race was a giant slalom on Whiskey Jack and Dave Murray (and down Expressway to the top of the Garbanzo Chair) before transitioning to a mountain bike race on B-Line and Ho Chi Min. You could race the entire course yourself or as a team of two.

In the Ski Solo Junior category, Jack Iles won the category by more than a minute with a combined time of 10:00.97 on the upper and lower sections of the course. He was followed by Jacob Lepine and Trevor Mayes in 11:15.67 and 11:25.22 respectively.

In Ski Solo Female, Julie Mountfield placed first in 10:35.37, followed by Jenny Strong in 10:53.03 and Kim McClanahan in 13:39.87.

Canadian ski halfpipe coach Trennon Paynter was first in Ski Solo Male 4 in 9:30.73, over two-and-a-half minutes ahead of the next racer in the group. Chris Whyte was second in 12:10.52 and Cameron King third in 12:40.09.

James McSkimming was first by a good margin in Ski Solo Male 1 in 9:01.21 - the fastest solo time of the day. Robin Courcelles was second in 9:25.91 and Mike Stewart third in 9:34.83.

In Snowboard Solo Male, Dunlop Ross was the only rider to break the 10-minute mark, while placing fourth overall among all the racers. He finished the course in 9:38.45, followed by Kenton Eunning in 10:15.38 and Kris Elliott in 10:17.72.

In Snowboard Solo Female, Wendy Robinson finished in 11:09.45, followed by Lisa Mason in 11:25.89 and Samantha Rahn in 13:10.90.

Julian Adam won the Snowboard Solo Male 40 race in 12:01,90, less than a second ahead of Brad Morin's 12:02.83. Andrew Hancock was also close in 12:06.31.

The teams were generally faster, which makes sense given that a five-minute giant slalom can be pretty tiring and because the transitions didn't involve shoe or equipment changes of any kind.

This year the fastest junior team was the fastest team overall. Alexander Geddes and Jake Allison finished in a blazing 8:28.85, almost 20 seconds faster than the top Open Male team. They were followed by a team with David Lepine (other name not listed) in 10:05.44 and the team of Callum MacConnachie and Jonathan Hutchison in 10:17.08.

Maria Darquier and Laure Vailly were the top female team in 10:25.78, followed by Dawn Cashen and Sarah Wilson in 11:47.79 and Rwoena Diggle and Naomi Mary Herbert in 12:25.

Sarah Hogg and Jim Montrose were the top mixed team in 9:14.53, followed by Naomi Bishop and Brett Tomky in 9:24.96 and Tara Geach and Darin Newton in 10:15.73.

Joel Jacques and Ken Pederson were first in the Open Male category in 8:48.77, followed closely by Mason Fulton and Jeremy McCall in 8:51.24 and Pinette Landon and Ryan Epp in 8:59.86.

The Crud 2 Mud wraps up on-snow racing for the season, although the mountain bike season is just getting started. The Kokanee Phat and PhaSt Wednesday series get underway on June 15.

The six "Phat" races are designed for intermediate and recreational racers as well as the faster, more competitive riders, while the three "PhaSt" races are for experts only. For more information, visit




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