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Crime declines slightly in Squamish



Violent crime is up slightly in Squamish, according to RCMP officers presenting their annual report to council earlier this week.

“Crime stats overall are down,” said Inspector Norm McPhail. “But just a little. We’re seeing a little more violent crime.”

Of the 10,602 files cracked between April 2007 and April 2008, there were 67 incidents involving assault, 33 of which caused bodily harm, and six of which were aggravated.

Meanwhile, there were 227 incidents of theft under $5,000, 47 auto thefts, 148 impaired driving incidents, 63 business break and enters and 56 residential break and enters. Drug seizures were categorized, with marijuana over 30 grams accounting for 93 incidents, under 30 grams making up three incidents. Cocaine drew 15 incidents, meth 10 and ecstasy seven. There was one heroin-related incident.

“Drugs in the community are one of our policing priorities for the year,” McPhail said.

“It’s a very lucrative trade, and it’s a societal problem on the rise,” added Staff Sergeant Guy Pollock.

Also ahead for the year, police will be monitoring the skatepark, cracking down on weekend party locales and tightening the screws on liquor license violators.

Pollock and McPhail also offered brief summaries on “non-sensitive” files under investigation by plainclothes members. Charges have been laid against a female in the Howe Sound Secondary shooting threat drama, while the incident of a woman shoved into a dumpster is still under investigation. Further, a turf dispute between two drug dealers is under continued investigation, as is a missing persons file with foul play overtones.

There were a total of 714 prisoners taken throughout the year.

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