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Future directions for the Whistler Creek area are to be discussed Saturday at Dusty’s. The Creekside Merchants Association’s Creekside Neighbourhood Meeting is Oct. 12, noon to 3 p.m. at Dusty’s. The association is keen on getting business and property owners in the area out to the meeting for a number of reasons. Whistler Mountain will be showing its latest plans for redevelopment of the Creekside area, and is considering going ahead with at least part of its redevelopment next summer. Also, the association has had discussions with BC Rail about upgrading the train station at Creekside, at the same time as rumours persist about moving the train station to Mons. The meeting will break down into roundtable discussion groups, with a facilitator at each table. Four key questions are to be considered: What are reasonable expectations for the rehabilitation of Lake Placid Road between Highway 99 and the train station next spring? What are the opportunities for enhancing the train station? What are the opportunities to enhance recreation and parks facilities in Whistler Creek? What is needed to enhance the "quality of life" in Creekside? Those unable to attend are welcome to send their written comments to the Creekside Merchants Association. Call 932-4404 of fax 932-4421.

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