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creekside meet

The Creekside Merchants Association is holding a Creekside Neighbourhood Meeting at Dusty’s Saturday, Oct. 12. The meeting, scheduled to run from noon to 3 p.m., is open to all Whistler Creek property owners. Representatives from the municipal planning department are also expected to attend. Four key questions will be discussed at the meeting: What are reasonable expectations for the rehabilitation of Lake Placid Road between Highway 99 and the train station next spring?; What are the opportunities for enhancing the train station?; What are the opportunities to enhance recreation and parks facilities in Creekside?; What is needed to enhance the "quality of life" in Creekside? The meeting will be broken down into roundtable discussion groups, with a facilitator at each table. Those unable to attend are welcome to send their written comments to the Creekside Merchants Association. Call 932-4404 or fax 932-4421.

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