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Creation Station a new stop on the Whistler underground

Local artist couple opening studio doors with eclectic super-show



What: Freaky Friday

Where: The Creation Station (Lynham Rd., Function Junction)

When: Friday, June 17, 6-11 p.m.

KLC and Chili. Chili and KLC.

Young Whistler artists (in)famous enough to not need last names. Together a decorating and event-planning tour-de-force under the name Shits 'n' Giggles.

Equally unstoppable in their own creative endeavours.

LetÕs start with Chili (Thom), who celebrates his decade anniversary in Whistler this year. In that time he has become one of Whistler's most popular painters, able to sustain his lifestyle through his art. With his signature psychedelic-tinged acrylic landscapes Chili portrays local terrain like the bastard child of Van Gogh and Dr. Seuss. The artist also has a B-side to his careerÐgraphic depictions of the DJ life drawn firsthand from the experiences of his alter egoÐDJ Mr. FisterÐa familiar presence behind the decks in venues all over Whistler. With fellow filmmaker Feet Banks Chili also founded the annual Heavy Hitting Films B-Grade Horrorfest. An active participant he is resurrected year to year as the star of the Green Jesus film series.

And KLC (Nash)Ðthe perfect complement to Chili's wild child style. The Aussie-born designer and dancer is best known for her whimsical, faerie fashions, namely her flirty tutus and petal-hats. SheÕs also got a burgeoning career as a costume designer Ð outfitting the local go-go community and special events such as the upcoming Soul Funktion dance theatre production The Sun Thief & The Cloud Queen for which she designed and built a fearsome sea serpent prop in the style of a Chinese dragon.

The coupleÕs energy is impossible to repress. A vibrant presence during the summers with their quirky farmer's market booth, KLC and Chili are taking things to the next level with a new permanent studio space and gallery.

The couple took over a warehouse space out in the ever-evolving Function Junction district last October and has taken until now to prepare to unleash it on the world.

And unleash it they will. 'The Creation Station' celebrates its grand opening next Friday, June 17 with Freaky Friday, an eclectic multi-media art show featuring works by the two in-house hosts, as well as well-known names from the Whistler/Vancouver scene including Pepe, Pili Alvarez, Stu MacKay-Smith, Baanz, Super Frog, The Man Of Steel, Feet Banks, Kirk Farrell, Blake Jorgenson and Bruce Rowles.

Freaky Friday will not be restricted to the visual arts. The studio celebrates the erotic arts with its own stripper pole, an installation by metal artist and show participant Kyle Bubbs (a.k.a. The Man Of Steel). Freaky Friday will also feature performance pieces throughout the evening, starting with a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication presided over by Whistler bon vivant and ordained minister, The Rev. J. Michael Varrin, Esq.

ItÕs a space where the imagination can run wild, the perfect spot for the creative couple to continue what they do best and keep getting even better.

"Life is good at the Station," KLC says.Ê"ItÕs aÊawesome outlet for the imagination.ÊIt is bursting at the seams withÊcolour, good vibes and a group of friends that are ready to make it all happen. Plus a whole wall of tutus!"

Adds Chili: "the Creation Station is the realization of a life long dream. I finally have the space and the tools to create anything that I can imagine."

Imagine that.

Freaky Friday kicks off at 6 p.m. and runs until 11 p.m. on Friday, June 17.

Following the show, the studio gallery will be open for viewing by appointment.

Creation Station is located at #3, 1006 Lynham Road, behind the Re-Use It Centre in Function Junction.

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