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Create jumps from design to software


Whistler company develops user-friendly Web update software

Updating content on Web pages can be a long and thankless task, but Whistler’s Create Communications, a design company, has come up with a software solution.

Called LiveSoftware, this web-based program allows people to add, update and publish content on the Internet through a Web Browser without having to use or manipulate the HTML coding.

"The response to the LiveSoftware products so far has been great," said Duane Hepditch of Create Communications. "People are amazed at how easy it is to update news and photos to their Web site."

LiveSoftware is easy to set up, and can be customized for any Web site within a day. The installation cost is per Web site, not per user, which makes it more affordable for organizations where one or more people may be updating the site.

Create Communications is based in Function Junction, and currently handles design and advertising for local clients, as well as customers in Toronto and Vancouver.

Create built the RMOW’s Web site,, which uses LiveSoftware for updates.

"We find the software very user-friendly and appreciate how easy it is to keep our job postings up to date," said Kathy Wallace of the RMOW’s human resources department.

LiveSoftware is a suite of five different software projects that allow users to update items like photos, job postings, daily weather, menus and news on Web sites. The goal is to work on larger scale applications, and develop more LiveSoftware products over the year.

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