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Crazy for love

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of LOVE?


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Everyone has done crazy things for love — from sending secret, anonymous love letters, to casually stalking a love interest in hopes of "accidentally" running into that crush — all crazy acts from the irrational heart. But the craziest thing I ever did for love was to use my head instead of my heart — I boldly created an excel spreadsheet listing all the characteristics of a perfect love: a great smile, funny, but not silly, smart, etc. I know, it doesn't sound too crazy at all but think about it — a girl in her studio apartment on her MacBook studiously making a excel list of all the characteristics of a great love. I revisited the list several times reorganizing and editing it until it was polished. Once the list was done I forgot about it. Eight months later I met a handsome guy in Village Square and the sparks flew! Then one day while on my MacBook I came across the list again — reading it I was shocked — he was everything on the list, just as I had described him. A spreadsheet for love — yes it's the craziest thing I have ever done!

- Jehanne Burns

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