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Crazy for love

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of LOVE?


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This is about what my hubby did for me on our first Valentine's together. A week before we were looking in a pet store, we saw ferrets and I told him I have been scared of them since childhood. On Valentine's I got home and he told me to sit down and close my eyes. To my surprise, my hubby put a ferret in my hands. I screamed and ran out of the room. He admits that he was not listening to me that day in the pet store and thought I said I loved ferrets and always wanted one. We ended up keeping it and I got over my fear of ferrets.

- Must love ferrets

The craziest thing I've done for love? Leave my job, sell my car and move 7,343 kilometres to Canada after spending a total of 16 days with the man I love! It all started when I came to visit a friend in Whistler for a holiday. I met Dan in my last few days in Whistler and I instantly knew I was in trouble, we spent one day together visiting the sights of Whistler, and the next day in Vancouver for the first game of the Stanley Cup final! On his return to the U.K. I agreed to meet him at the airport and then fly straight to Istanbul for our first date! Over the next few months we only saw each other once or twice because of the distance between our homes in the U.K. When he asked me to join him in Canada we had only spent 16 days together in total but I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. Booking my flights and handing in my notice at work I left for Whistler. It was the craziest and best decision of my life! Almost two years on we are still going strong.

- Hayley Armitage

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