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Crazy for love

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of LOVE?


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Package 8 winner

Many people will probably submit stories about travelling hundreds of miles in a crazy amount of time, or pulling a crazy stunt for love. The craziest thing I have ever done for love just makes me look plain crazy. Period. Four years ago I was working at a wedding trade show. After hours of boredom and much coaxing from the bridal shop booth I agreed to try on "white evening gowns." Suddenly I was dressed head-to-toe in full bridal regalia, right down to the bouquet in my ring-less hands. The perfectly fitting dress was $100, down from $850. Now, I am not someone who has dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl, but god damn it, I LOVE A BARGAIN! My lovely boyfriend (of four months) was quite suspicious of my garment bag reading "Lisa's Bridal." He didn't buy the story about a "toga party costume" for a second. Most men would have run for the hills, but instead we are running to the alter this summer. And you can be sure that I will proudly wear my $100 bargain. Crazy or not... I knew he was the one long before the $100 dress.

- Jen Carroll (Prize description)

Runners Up...

The craziest thing I've done for love (or in anticipation thereof): When I was 19, I worked "up country" as a CP Telecom lineman. One stormy night I was dispatched to repair some downed communications lines. As I drove the back roads of Salmon Arm, stumbling through the downed trees, under lines, I thought about a girl I wanted to date some 400 miles away. Louise and I grew up in North Vancouver — her brother Dave would later be my best man. I had made some terrible approaches to Louise and nothing had come of it. As I climbed one more telegraph pole, clearing trees, splicing wire and getting nowhere, I realized that one pair of intact wires ("yes," open copper wire) served BC TEL. After getting soaked and receiving endless electric shocks, I thought "I could call" my prospective girlfriend/fiancée/wife right from the top of this 50-foot telegraph pole — so I did. After five minutes convincing Louise who and why I was calling (For a date? From my brother's best friend? Why?) she said, "yes." Back at Revelstoke about 5:00 a.m. I had two feelings of accomplishment: 1) I'd fixed the CP "Com" link to the coast and 2) I'd got a date with my future wife. A good night's work.

- Brian Buchholz

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