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Crazy for love

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of LOVE?


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Package 6 winner

I met her in a hammock in the idyllic town of Byron Bay, Australia. After a year travelling in a campervan we were completely in love but living on borrowed time. With a nearly expired visa I was forced to return to Canada while she had to stay for a wedding the following month. We planned to fly on the same day — myself to Canada and she to Adelaide for the wedding. We had a tearful goodbye. I went through to the international departures area and she waited for her flight. It hit me as I was waiting in the airport lounge that this could be the end of our relationship — I couldn't let it go! A frantic scramble ensured and I was able to book a seat on her flight. I had to hide in the washroom for three hours to keep the surprise! I was last to board and during the flight I was able to conspire with the crew who were touched by my story! What a shock she got when she was asked to move seats and saw me! I overstayed my visa by a month and now we are living the dream in Whistler together!

- Jonathan Getty (Prize description)

Package 7 winner

I was 14 at high school in Australia. My first girlfriend and I had a fight at school and I was in the bad books. That afternoon I called her house. Her mum said she didn't want to speak with me. I tried and tried again, but she still didn't want to talk. I begged my Mum to drive me the 20 kilometres to her house to try and smooth things over, but she wouldn't, as it was late. So I snuck out of my house at around 9 p.m. at night with some chocolates I stole from the fridge, a card out of mum's office and some flowers from of the garden. I got on my push-bike and started pedalling my very unfit teenage body the 20km with no light on my bike. I reached halfway when mum found me in her car — I was struggling at this point so I was happy to see her! I asked mum to drive me the rest of the way, but to park around the corner so I could ride up to my girlfriend's door. Her mum only let me in to get me water but we smoothed things over!

- Matt Jackson (Prize description)

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