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Crazy for love

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of LOVE?


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The craziest thing that I have done for love happened last year during a trip to France. I was "surfing" a dating site on a chilly, rainy evening when up came a woman who did lots of mountain sports, and was an artist living in the Sea to Sky corridor and in southwest France. It was quickly determined that she would be arriving in France in two days — that was after I was scheduled to leave. I changed my ticket to stay longer and a few days later found myself at the arrivals gate at Paris's Charles De Gaulle airport carrying a long white cane, wearing oversize dark glasses and sporting a heart shaped sign around my neck that read "CHRISTINA'S BLIND DATE." The moment of truth arrived and we caught a cab into Paris for a classic café lunch, grabbed champagne, then boarded a first class train for a 10-hour trip to her hideaway in the beautiful French countryside, arriving in a pounding rainstorm at midnight. The next morning, after looking around, I said, "sign me up for this part of your life." As they do, one thing lead to another, we spent three-and-a-half months together in France, and will be married in March.

- Ross Smith (Prize description)

"Crazy Love" — a two-way conversation on the path to love

HE: A rainy day in Madrid. An interesting profile. A wolf pack query.

SHE:  A sunny day in Whistler. A newly opened dating account. A strange email about wolves. A cute profile pic.

HE: Let's meet!

SHE:  Flying to Paris on June 1, 2012.

HE: Returning to Whistler June 1, 2012.

SHE: Crossing planes over the Atlantic — wasn't meant to be.

HE: I'll change my plane ticket for three days, we'll see each other at Gate 2A Charles De Gaulle!

SHE: I'll be too tired, too frazzled, too smelly, and I am arriving to a flooded house, after a 10-hour train ride and a 12-hour drive to get to work.

HE: Sounds perfect!

SHE: Arriving at Gate 2A, tired, frazzled and smelly, and someone bumps into me and taps me with a cane.

HE: I am her "blind date," having stood there with a white stick and a big red heart claiming her as mine.

SHE: We travel for three days. He's perfect.

HE: The wedding is on March 15, 2013.

- Christina Nick (Prize description)

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